One Wells Fargo Center, Charlotte, NC

Mail Services

The United States Postal Service operates the Mail Room located on the Plaza Level (accessible from Level 'C' of the parking garage), near the side entrance to One Wells Fargo Center from Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. Incoming mail should be addressed as follows:

  • Company Name
  • Attn: Company Contact
  • 301 South College Street
  • Suite #
  • Charlotte, NC 28202

US mail is not delivered to individual suites, but can be picked up in the Mail Room during business hours. Outgoing stamped or metered mail should be placed in the designated mailboxes in the Mail Room. Please contact the Building Management Office at 704-342-9020 to arrange for a post office box. You will be assigned a mailbox and issued two keys to the mailbox. Keys may not be duplicated or reassigned without Building Management approval.

The nearest United States Post Office is located on the corner of Fifth Street and McDowell Street. In addition, a Contract Post Office where you may mail oversized packages, send certified mail and purchase stamps, among other things, is located in Two Wells Fargo Center. For more information about these and other postal services, please contact the Postal Service Area Supervisor at 704-333-1373.