One Wells Fargo Center, Charlotte, NC

Visitor Parking

The One Wells Fargo Center Garage contains approximately 250 spaces which are available for visitors guests of tenants in the building. Visitor/Guest Parking is typically provided on a first-come, first-served basis and visitors are requested to park in the Red Zone unless otherwise instructed.   All visitors must pull a time-stamped ticket to enter the garage, and the ticket should be presented to the cashier upon exiting. Visitors are required to pay for parking at the posted hourly or daily rates when exiting. Current rates are as follows:

To make parking for guests of our tenants as convenient as possible, we offer the following programs:

Chained-Reserved Section

The Reserved parking spaces on the right just as you enter the garage from Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard is intended to provide space for our tenants' clients when the garage is in a “LOT FULL” mode.  Each business morning, the garage parking attendant begins counting all open spaces in the Red Zone (Visitor Levels).  Spot checking continues every 30 minutes until late morning.  During this time, the garage operations team will activate the LOT FULL signage in order to ensure parking availability for our guests when / if the Visitor parking areas become crowded. 

In addition to holding spaces via “Lot Full” sign, several spaces are held off the market by a chain barricade until the garage nears capacity and requires this remaining block of parking.  The chained off spaces are made available to tenant’s guests during the times in which garage vacancy is limited and is absolutely necessary.  We ask that tenants inform their guests that the garage maybe in a “Lot Full” status prior to arrival.  During these periods, the visitor will need to pull forward into the drive lane and seek attendant assistance through the intercom located near the ticket dispenser.  The attendant will instruct your guests to the first available space held off the market, or to the chain-reserved area.


Client Validation Program

The Client Validation Program enables tenants of One Wells Fargo Center to pre-pay for parking for their visitors or guests. In order to participate in this program, the tenant must purchase parking coupons (chaser tickets) in advance from the Parking Office. For more information and instruction, please contact the Management Office at 704-342-9030.



$ 3.00    For the first 20 minutes or fraction there of

$ 3.00    Each additional 20 minutes or fraction there of

$ 28.00  Maximum for all day, up to 24hrs


$ 8.00    Maximum after 5:00pm (M-F)



$ 10.00    Weekend maximum rate (subject to change)




1 Min. to 20 Min.



21 Min. to 40 Min.


41 Min. to 1 Hr.



1 Hr. 1 Min. to  1 Hr. 20 Min.



1 Hr. 21 Min. to  1 Hr. 40 Min.



1 Hr. 41 Min. to  2 Hr.



2 Hr. 1 Min. to  2 Hr. 20 Min.



2 Hr. 21 Min. to  2 Hr. 40 Min.



2 Hr. 41 Min. to  24hr max



Overnight and lost ticket rate



* Please note that after 24 hours in the garage the rate structure will repeat.