One Wells Fargo Center, Charlotte, NC

Visitor Registration

Required to Access Building Elevators

Visitors desiring access to the building must have an approved sponsor to validate their access.  To qualify as an approved sponsor, a person needs to have a valid building access card issued by either Wells Fargo or Childress Klein.  An approved sponsor must pre-register all visitors with Security by filling out a “Visitor Pre-registration Form (PDF)” and delivering it to the Visitor’s desk in the lobby, or by sending an email to  Telephone requests will not be accepted because they can not be properly authenticated.  A minimum of 24 hr notice is recommended to ensure adequate time for processing.

Visitors are required to present a valid photo ID and check in with the Visitor’s desk on the Plaza level upon arrival. Pre-registered visitors will receive a temporary visitor pass, which they will present to Security before proceeding through the elevator turnstiles. Persons needing visitor access after normal business hours must be registered before 4:30pm on the day of their visit and will need to pick up their pass from the Security Control Center. Visitor passes are valid for a 24-hour period from the date and time of issue.

Groups of visitors may be pre-registered on a single pre-registration form.  Small groups (49 members or less) will follow normal visitor check-in procedures and receive visitor badges.  Members of large groups (50 or more) will not require the issuance of individual visitor badges.  In this case, the large group members will be escorted through the turnstiles by Security or their designated sponsor and then directed to the appropriate floor. 

Children under the age of 18 may be escorted by a credentialed employee to the appropriate floor without being pre-registered or obtaining a visitor pass.  The credentialed employee is responsible for maintaining positive control over the children they sponsor.  Children should not be allowed to roam floors unattended.

Please contact the Security Office at 704-343-4382 with any questions or concerns about the Visitor Registration process.