One Wells Fargo Center, Charlotte, NC

Fire Safety

One Wells Fargo Center is equipped with an electronic Simplex Fire alarm system to detect potential fire emergencies. This system monitors for smoke, sprinkler system activation, manual pull station alarms and other indications of fire. When an alarm is registered, the Simplex system automatically alerts our Security Control Center as well as an offsite monitoring service. Elevators serving the alarm locations are recalled to the lobby levels.

If you smell smoke or discover a fire on your floor, activate the manual pull station closest to you. Pull stations are located in the main corridors near each stairwell exit and in each elevator lobby. To report fire or the smell of smoke, call the Security Control Center first at 704-342-9025. You may then dial 911 to report the floor number where the problem is occurring, as well as the name of the building (One Wells Fargo Center) and location (301 South College Street).

During an evacuation, individual tenants can play a vital role in life safety and security. Tenant Fire Wardens, Deputy Fire Wardens and Searchers direct personnel to stairwells, perform head counts and assist in crowd control. In addition, disabled persons are assigned an aide for assistance during an evacuation. Those interested in assisting with fire safety should contact their Fire Wardens.