One Wells Fargo Center, Charlotte, NC

Fire Alarms

If you smell smoke or discover a fire on your floor, activate the manual pull station closest to you. Pull stations are located in the main corridors near each stairwell exit and in each elevator lobby. To report fire or the smell of smoke, call the Security Control Center first at 704-342-9025. You may then dial 911 to report the floor number where the problem is occurring, as well as the name of the building (One Wells Fargo Center) and location (301 South College Street).

When an alarm or siren sounds:

  1. Evacuate immediately.
  2. Close all interior doors, but do not lock them.
  3. Use the stairs to evacuate to your assigned assembly floor. If an alarm is sounding on your assembly floor, continue your evacuation and exit the building.
  4. For those exiting the building, the assembly area is the open air parking lot bordered by Tryon, College, and Stonewall Streets. Remain outside until the alarm has cleared, and enter only after you receive authorization from building management.
  5. Do not use elevators during a fire emergency.
  6. If you determine that a fire poses no danger to either yourself or others, you may attempt to extinguish the fire. Fire extinguishers are located in the main corridors near each stairwell. 

These emergency plans are general guidelines for your assistance. More complete details are available from the Director of Security or the Security Manager at 704-342-9025. Emergency safety plans are continually reviewed and updated, and in order to train our tenants, the Director of Security conducts two fire drills per year.