One Wells Fargo Center, Charlotte, NC

Medical Emergencies

If anyone in your office is injured or experiences a medical problem for any reason, call Building Security at 704-342-9025 immediately. You may also be asked to call 911. If you call 911, provide the dispatcher with the following information:

  1. Type of emergency (bleeding, heart failure, etc.)
  2. Condition / description of victim (male / female, conscious / unconscious, etc.)
  3. Location (building, street address, suite number, etc)
  4. Your name and telephone number
  5. Security will assist Medic in locating your office in a timely manner. Officers are trained in both First Aid and CPR, and can offer assistance until Medic arrives.
  6. Have someone meet the responding Security Officer when he / she arrives
  7. Keep the victim calm and comfortable
  8. Do not move the victim
  9. Administer first aid, only if trained
  10. Maintain privacy and crowd control around the victim